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Lady Lions are Headed to the HVIAC Playoffs

Sophomore Sha Sanders.
Sophomore Sha Sanders.

On February 7th, the Lady Lions made history, becoming the first women's basketball team since King's move to New York City to make it to the HVIAC playoffs. Coming off a few losses against some tough teams this season, the Lady Lions were looking to earn a win tonight. The Lady Lions had a triumphant 20-point victory over Vaughn College 56-36 in a conference matchup, that would decide the final team that would head to the playoffs.

The second half of this season has been difficult for the Lady Lions with just about half of their team being unable to play following the winter break. But those who remained on the team fought hard to finish this season only having six to seven girls at each game. These ladies are the true definition of hard work, determination, and grit.

This game was one of the best showings this season for the Lady Lions, offensively and defensively. The Lady Lions had three players score and rebound in the double-digits. Two players secured double-doubles in this game as well and there were also many season records topped.

Sophomore Sha Sanders had a great night, being the top-scorer for the Lady Lions, with a total of 18 points. Sanders had a three-point percentage of 40%, which is her personal best this season. Sanders took down two defensive rebounds and made one steal.

Sophomore Bailey Kaufman is making a strong comeback, after missing the first two games this year. Kaufman secured her second double-double this season, putting up 14 points and snatching a career high of 14 rebounds. Kaufman also made two assists, two steals, and one block.

Freshman Emmaline Waller had her best night of the season, securing her first ever career double-double and breaking her career records for both points and rebounds. Waller put up 10 points and took down 10 rebounds.

Senior Megan LeBlanc continues to do a phenomenal job at leading this team as the only senior this year. LeBlanc scored eight points to tie her season high and grabbed four defensive rebounds.

Sophomore Catie Shoemaker snatched 11 rebounds, seven offensive and four defensive. Shoemaker put up six points and led the Lady Lions with five assists, topping her season high. As the Lady Lions only sub, freshman Hannah Gillihan took down one rebound and made one assist.

NEXT UP: Through their trials this season, the Lady Lions have prevailed and will be heading to the HVIAC Playoffs hosted by the College of New Rochelle, next Saturday, February 16th (1:00pm).