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Lions End Their Season Playing the Mighty Oaks

Lions End Their Season Playing the Mighty Oaks

On February 10th the Lions faced the Mighty Oaks at SUNY-ESF in their last game of the season. Playing a game the previous night against Davis College, the Lions had already exerted some of their energy before this game.

The Lions were missing senior Luke Borchelt and would have to revise and rearrange their starting lineup. Freshman Jordan Bishop also had to come out of this game early, due to an injury. Missing these two critical players, the Lions were unable to make the offensive plays needed and would be downed by the Mighty Oaks, 99-48.

Although, as a team the Lions struggled offensively, two players still managed to put up scores in the double-digits. With senior Justin Cox's outstanding 25-point game the previous night, Cox ends his final game of his college basketball career with a high of 19 points this game, bringing his weekend total to 44 points.

Freshman Ty Hutchins had his best game of the season, scoring double-digits for the first time, with a personal high of 11 points. Hutchins also topped his season record for rebounds with a total of 7, 6 defensive and 1 offensive.

Freshman Ben Oldham was the best defensive player, taking down the most rebounds of both teams this game. Oldham snatched an astounding 17 rebounds, 11 defensive and 6 offensive, which is the most rebounds taken down by any player this season. Oldham neared a double-double, putting up 8 points, to go along with 3 blocks and 3 assists.

Junior Mike Forcella contributed 5 points and made 1 steal. Junior Andrew Knudsen put up 3 points and made 2 steals. Before Bishop came out of the game, he was able to score 2 points to help the Lions.

Although this season wasn't filled with a ton of wins statistically, the Lions battled many tough teams and put up great efforts both individually and as a team. The Lions had many players break personal records and put up season highs in each game. The new freshman athletes have stepped up and showed their skills, while the returning athletes have continued to develop their skills and lead the team this season. We are proud of the season they have had and we look forward to an even better one next year.


Freshman Jordan Bishop- 233 points

Freshman Ben Oldham- 111 rebounds and 10 blocks

Senior Luke Borchelt-  24 assists and 16 steals