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Lady Lions Fall to Five Towns

Senior Megan LeBlanc. Photo Courtesy of Brandon Hill.
Senior Megan LeBlanc. Photo Courtesy of Brandon Hill.

On January 21st, the Lady Lions continued their season in the new year, taking on the Sound of Five Towns College. Down a few girls, the Lady Lions would have to rethink their game strategies in order to combat this team. The Lady Lions had a few great plays, but their strong efforts were not enough to take down the Sound, who took the win, 42-30.

The Lady Lions were off to a rough start, ending out their first two quarters down 13-28. After halftime, the Lady Lions picked up the momentum, outscoring the Sound in the third quarter and closing the lead, from 15 points down to nine points. By the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Lady Lions were in contention for the win, but were unable to run the offense needed to put enough points on the board to overtake the Sound.

Returning from a persisting injury, sophomore Catie Shoemaker, made a great comeback, earning her first double-double of the season, snatching 11 rebounds and scoring 10 points for the Lady Lions.

Senior Megan LeBlanc also had her best night of the season coming close to a double-double as well, taking down a season high of 13 rebounds, four offensive and nine defensive, and scoring eight points.

Sophomore Sha Sanders contributed six points for the Lady Lions and had three steals. Freshman Hannah Gillihan also had her best night, taking down eight rebounds and scoring two points. Freshman Emmaline Waller added four points and four rebounds for the Lady Lions.

NEXT UP: The Lady Lions will be facing the Blue Angels from the College of New Rochelle in a conference matchup at Baruch College (8:15pm).